Our Energy Efficiency Services

Our team of experts are able to maximize your energy efficiency opportunities and as your energy efficiency partner we provide:    

  • Energy audits to determine the best solutions for your business, savings up to 50%
  • Financing for agreed energy efficiency investments
  • Equipment and access to leading Nordic technology suppliers
  • Engineering with Chinese-Finnish co-operation
  • Installation and staff training for installed equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up and assistance with monitoring and verification of energy savings
  • Maintenance and online follow-up

Vacuum system at Chinese Henglian mill installed in December 2013.


GreenStream presents Sarlin Balance system's sales and distribution in China's steel and heat & power sector. 

Sarlin Balance Compressed Air Management System

Sarlin Balance - control and monitoring for large compressor systems.

Sarlin Balance is especially designed to control and monitor extensive decentralized pressure networks. The system is independent of compressor manufacturers. It is capable of controlling all types of compressor, and where necessary, dryers, compressor cooling, ventilation, or air and cooling valves.


Sarlin Balance Compressor Control - Operating Principle

Sarlin Balance measures the pressure in the compressor station and in at least one point in the compressed air network. 
The compressors no longer operate according to fixed limit values, but Sarlin Balance controls them continuously so that an optimum pressure level always prevails in the point of usage.