Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Chinese Industrial Market

China is lacking behind its ambitious energy saving targets and seeking to leverage foreign know-how in order to achieve the energy efficiencies demanded. Presently Finnish companies are responding to China’s increasing energy demand by offering high quality and world class technology for the local energy efficiency projects.

As a company with strong expertise in clean technology business and solid presence in China, GreenStream has launched a 3,5-year program “Development of Energy Efficiency Solution Business Concept for the Chinese Industrial Market” in which concrete EMC-business and market access models will be created in cooperation with Finnish SME technology providers. In the program GreenStream acts as an EMC-investor and launches business projects in different energy intensive industries in China. The target industries in the program are pulp and paper, steel and chemical industries. 

Participating companies will get concrete and in-depth knowledge about Chinese energy efficiency markets, and will get introduced to potential Chinese subcontractors.

The program will offer for its participants

1.        Create business opportunities to Finnish SME companies with energy efficiency solutions

2.        Improve competitiveness of participating companies in Chinese market and also create joint competitiveness for the SMEs

3.        Find essential information on business practices in Chinese industry

4.        Develop feasible cooperation models

5.        Enhance visibility of Finnish energy efficiency solutions

The program is financed by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. The program supported also by Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and is one of the pilot projects of Team Finland network.

More Information about participation: Mika Sulkinoja, Executive Vice President
Mobile: +358 50 357 1723, Email: