Advisory Services

GreenStream’s long-standing and diverse carbon market experience offers valuable insights for policy-makers and companies wishing to design and utilize market-based tools and strategies, drawing on our active engagement in primary projects and secondary markets, and broad-based expertise covering political, financial and technical aspects of carbon and renewable energy markets and policy. GreenStream is the trusted carbon advisor of public and private actors involved in carbon and renewable energy financing, business strategy development and risk management.  

GreenStream provides both periodical market analysis and tailored market and policy intelligence in the carbon and renewable energy and certificate markets. Our experience extends beyond advising: we have a strong track record of successfully implementing real mitigation action and delivering verified mitigation results, partly financed with GreenStream’s own capital.  We have a strong knowledge base in both existing and emerging carbon market mechanisms, such as the Kyoto mechanisms, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), New Market Mechanism and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs). As a founding member of the Business Partnership for Market Readiness (B-PMR), GreenStream is also at the forefront of supporting the development of emissions trading schemes around the world, most notably in China. Owing to our trading activities, we also have a solid understanding of the complex carbon and renewable energy markets and market sentiment. We have our finger on the pulse of carbon and renewable energy markets, with cutting-edge  information on actors, volumes, prices and trading practices. Combined with our insights into relevant policy developments, this provides a solid base for offering value-adding market intelligence.

For policy-makers, GreenStream has, inter alia, advised on international issues such as NAMA readiness pilots, climate finance, and increasing international carbon credit demand, as well as on European and national perspectives for linking, auctioning and other design issues under the EU ETS, domestic offset schemes and renewable energy support schemes. Besides ministry officials, we have also advised actors from government agencies, public financing and R&D institutions, and municipalities.

For private companies, GreenStream offers support in assessing and maximizing the carbon value of project ideas, technologies, products and business strategies and understanding future prospects. Our corporate clients include international and European energy and energy-intensive companies, providers of clean technology and companies wishing to offset their emissions. We also provide regular carbon market analysis to our clients.

The figure below illustrates the scope of our services and gives some examples of our typical assignments
GreenStream project flow
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Technology and Industry:

Neste Oil
SMA Mineral
Tens of confidential clients

Finance sector:

World Bank
Several private confidential clients


Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
Ministry of the Environment, Latvia
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Sweden
Energy Market Authority, Finland
Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway
Swedish Energy Authority, Sweden
Nordic Council of Ministers